The hurt of Dissapointment

Disappointments hurt more than pain.

I have faced another disappointment…

I recently applied for a business development internship here in Nigeria that seemed extremely juicy and legit.

I didn’t stumble upon it by chance. Nope! A colleague at work mentioned it to me. I showed interest because I’m working on developing myself as an asset to any organization I find myself in.

After explaining what it was all about, she sent me a link to the site. I checked out the site with so much expectations and I was way more excited after learning more about the training.

You think I’m exaggerating yeah? Think again.

How many organizations in Nigeria train graduates with an attractive salary and feed them for free? 

I can count. So you see what I’m saying uhn???

Yeah…so I  applied for Software development and sent the link to a friend I knew was definitely going to be interested. I had to change the application to business development because I discovered that I was going to prefer it and it was going to suit the goals which I had set for myself.

I was sent a mail to write the test. Trust. I didn’t rush into it, I took my time, did a  couple of online practice before finally writing the test.

Hmmm… it didn’t go as expected. A lot of unexpected questions but I answered sha. I was hopeful. This was supposed to be my big break.

So I woke up this morning to a missed call from my colleague and a message from my friend.

They had been shortlisted…

I’ve checked my mail a thousand times since then. I’ve checked spam, promotions, social and everywhere that can be checked in my mail.

No mail.

Absolutely Nothing!

And then I just found this:

We received a lot of application from many talented individuals like you and it wasn’t an easy decision to let some people go. I deeply regret to inform you that you won’t be able to proceed further into the Training/Internship program.

However, our relationship does not end here. You can always reapply at the subsequent and rest assured you will be notified first when we are open for application again.

Meanwhile, before then, you have plenty of room to develop and work on yourself and we’d like to see you in bigger places.

We wish you best of luck in your endeavors.

I’m heart broken, frustrated, sad, hurt… I could go on trying to express exactly how I feel right now but I’m sure I’m not going to be able to.

I’m trying to get over it. The chosen ones have been chosen. I wasn’t chosen. Lol. I wish every selected applicant all the best as they proceed.

I’m hopeful. Better things will come…








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